Case: Effectively managing the portfolio of institutional projects

1. The antecedent

Because manual processes were maintained and information was not centrally available, our client had the challenge to automate the institutional project portfolio management process which would allow them to have up-to-date information, collaborative access, visualization of results on dashboards, timely decision-making.

2. The challenge

The client used a great deal of time for the selection and prioritization of projects, as well as maintained manual control through an Excel for the recording of advance deviations and presentation of results, which caused a high consumption of hours in the process of review, updating and in general in the process of managing the project portfolio causing many times the non-compliance of objectives within the fiscal year.

3. The solution

- Automation of the process of recording ideas and project initiatives by improving the collaborative scheme of the entire organization
- Automating the process of change control requests in projects by implementing an orderly and effective scope update process
- Easy and online access to project progress by complementing the daily work of employees
- Optimization in the presentation of results through dashboards which allows permanent visualization facilitating decision making
- Implementation of an organizational culture oriented to the culture of projects increasing best management practices

4. The result

A solution that enables automation of the project portfolio management and data centralization process, benefiting the entire organization by serving requests more quickly and assertively, as well as having up-to-date availability of portfolio health status at any time, en enables successful and proactive decisions to be made.